What makes TLC Aesthetica the Best Gynecomastia Treatment Hospital in Kerala

Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) is a relatively common condition seen in young males.

The condition is characterized by the presence of rubber–like firm tissue beneath the nipples, and at times excess skin and fat in the breasts, giving them an enlarged appearance mimicking a female breast.

Social Embarrassment is the common problem silently suffered by the majority of patients, Inability to wear a T-Shirt or snug clothes, Outdoor activities, or a Swim, the lack of confidence is even seen in the posture.

Gynecomastia can lead to a severe lack of self- esteem, and in some cases depression and psychological problems.

The commonest cause of Gynecomastia is Adolescent Gynecomastia which is an alteration of a normal process due to hormonal changes associated with puberty.

Other causes are Drugs (Medications), Systemic Illness – Liver diseases, Hormone Disorders, Obesity, Steroids, Supplements.

Clinically there are 7 stages depending on the size and shape.


We have a completely different approach towards the treatment of Gynecomastia.

The reason behind a person seeking treatment for Gynecomastia is his inability to wear a T-Shirt or remove his shirt in public or in front of someone else.

Our point of view is after the procedure one should be able to do it without care.


THE GLAND – never completely removed THE SCAR – usually unsightly, and always leaves behind the evidence of a surgery THE SKIN – stretched skin is never tightened THE CHEST – still lacks a muscular shape, one might be good to wear a T Shirt but never comfortable removing it

Why TLC Aesthetica is the Best Gynecomastia Treatment Hospital in Kerala?

Our Approach to the treatment of Gynecomastia is unique, we aim to reshape your chest to a masculine one.

Every person is different. Some people have more glands, some excess fat along with it and few have an excess skin. We address not just the gynecomastia alone.

We combine 3 cutting edge technologies to give you the best result

  • Vaser Lipo – Ultrasound-assisted Lipo for precise contouring
  • PAL – Ensures complete removal of the gland combining Microaire and PowerX technology combined with our patent-pending instruments
  • Thermi RF – Tightens the skin to reshape your chest

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  • Scarless – there is absolutely NO SCAR on your chest, Half a cm scar in your armpit that is hardly visible
  • High Definition and Precision body contouring
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimal Pain or Discomfort
“Plastic Surgery is the art of making people HAPPY”   DR Anoop G Mohan
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