Breast Augmentation
Surgical Procedure

In this procedure, breast size is increased by transferring autologous fat from any part of the body to the breasts. It uses individuals own body fat (autologous) and gives double advantage as excess fat from an area is removed and transferred to the needy breasts.

The procedure starts with gentle liposuction or removal of some of the excessive fat from any part of the patient’s body. Majorly fat is taken from abdomen, thighs, or buttocks. After removing the fat, it is isolated, processed and cleaned to make it ready for transfer into the breasts. Finally, fat cells are re-injected into the target breast areas to give them fuller and larger appearance.

Ideal Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a breast enhancement procedure and is performed on physically healthy females with following characteristics:

  • Flat or unpronounced breasts
  • Decreased breast volume after weight reduction or pregnancy
  • Have a suitable donor area with excessive fat
  • Firm and elastic skin
  • Most importantly, they should have realistic goals
What will a Breast Augmentation do to my breasts?

Breast augmentation with fat transfer will aesthetically improve the appearance of your breasts along with the following benefits:

  • Natural and subtle increase in breast cup size
  • Safe & nearly scar less procedure
  • Plump up the sunken or emaciated areas of breasts
  • Breasts become fuller, larger and more proportioned
  • Restore breast volume
  • Improved breast size facilitates improved body contour
  • As fat transfer is a natural way of enhancement, there is no associated risk of complications
  • Instant and dramatic results
  • Removal of unwanted fat from other part of the body (added advantage)
What a Breast augmentation won’t do?

Breast augmentation should not be the choice of surgery to correct severely drooping breasts. Augmentation will only increase the size of breast to make it look fuller. In case of sagging or drooping of breasts, a breast lift surgery is generally required along with breast augmentation. In almost all the cases, both the procedures can be performed simultaneously in a single session.

Advice of Caution

Breast augmentation by silicone implants does not last a lifetime as implant needs to be replaced after some time. Moreover,​ a periodic check for their leakage is also required to avoid any kind of complications.

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