Breast Reduction
Surgical Procedure

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is performed to reduce the size and weight of large and heavy breasts.

Ideal candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery is performed on physically healthy females with following characteristics:

  • Sagging and loose breasts with excessive skin and fat
  • Overly sized breasts
  • Stretched breasts skin
  • Stretched areolas
  • Enlarge nipples
  • Uneven breasts addition to specific breast problems, breast reduction surgery is also performed to get relief from back, ​neck or shoulder pain or discomfort.
What will a Breast Reduction Surgery do to my breasts?

A breast reduction surgery will aesthetically improve the appearance of your breasts along with the following benefits:

  • Creates a more aesthetically pleasing breast contour
  • Improves breast proportion to the body
  • Removes excess breast tissue and fat
  • Makes breasts smaller, lighter, and firmer
  • Improves breast symmetry
  • Gives a balanced, youthful and attractive appearance
  • Improves the self-image and self-confidence of the lady

Exceptional results.
Remarkable longevity.

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