Body Piercing
Non Surgical Procedure

“We Believe in a SAFE, CLEAN, POSITIVE Piercing Experience”

Body Piercing is an art with a rich cultural history.

The only trouble with Body Piercing is when it goes wrong, specially when you have no piercing studios which are performing scientifically. Our fully disposable clinic practices sterile and aseptic techniques, with precise after-care and free check ups. Our Artist and Doctor personally sees you through the initial counselling session to help you decide on what you want, once decided the piercings are done in the surgical suite,

We review you to make sure your new jewel gets its required care.Precision Piercings are done on appointments but we do accommodate on a walk-in basis, whatever your style be Traditional to Funk

Our options in Jewellery include Medical Grade Surgical Steel, Nickle-free Jewellery, Implant grade Titanium, Medical grade Gold

So if you are thinking of Piercing be it Ear, Nostril, Navel or Nipple.. its all popular here, you decide.

Exceptional results.
Remarkable longevity.

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