Nipple Correction
Surgical Procedure

Women with extremely large or elongated nipples seek nipple reduction to achieve a more normal, natural appearing nipple.Nipple reduction surgery addresses the size and length of enlarged nipples. When indicated, this procedure can also be combined with a breast lift to help reduce the general size and circumference of enlarged aerolas. Nipples can often become enlarged due to hormonal changes, genetics, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight gain. Enlarged nipples may result in embarrassment or the inability to wear certain clothing for fear of exposing the nipples.

The Nipple Reduction Procedure

During the nipple reduction procedure, the excess length of the nipple will be removed and an only slightly longer than desired length left behind. This slight excess length will be used to help reconstruct a naturally-shaped nipple, which looks similar to what would be expected in the absence of surgery. In some circumstances, nipple reduction surgery can be performed using local anesthesia. Recovery from nipple reduction surgery is usually very quick. Patients usually take at least two days off of work, unless they plan to have other procedures done at the same time, in which recovery will be longer.

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