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TLC Aesthetica is a reputed Aesthetic Surgery Service Provider, we offer the best aesthetic solutions at affordable price. We offer the best combination of infrastructure, skills and experience. Our surgeons perform surgeries using latest world-class technology with precision. We have state of the art Operation Rooms, the latest and best equipment’s, technology, tools & instruments imported from various parts of the world. The types of equipments are customized and have innovative enhancements that ensure superlative and high-quality treatment for our client’s at the most affordable price. Our latest anaesthesia technique requires much lesser dosage while giving you a pleasant experience “ZERO PAIN” is Our Promise. Our state-of-the-art and safest surgical techniques allow us to give the best treatment to all patients.

“Putting the CARE back in HEALTH CARE”

TLC Aesthetica is a Plastic Surgery firm providing world-class quality Aesthetic Surgery Services.The organisation has Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Anesthesiologists, Physicians, Speciality Surgeons, Medical Aestheticians, Fitness Trainers and Dieticians from across the country. Astique Aesthetics has been providing independent services through out offices since 2014, and also in association with Hospitals across the country, we also have tie ups with hospitals in UAE, Maldives and SriLanka.We provide the whole spectrum of services Surgical, Non-Surgical, non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments for aesthetic enhancement.

We provide a no-frills medical service, that provides safe and effective treatments at an affordable price. Women and men turn to our surgeons because of their skill and reputations in the field. To find out more about our practice request a consultation online or contact us at 9072006655.

Our team of plastic surgeons has advanced credentials and decades of experience. They are dedicated to offering state-of-the-art, minimal-incision cosmetic procedures designed to maximize results and minimize recovery and downtime. Our plastic surgery practice has a dedicated team of doctors and staff that provides our patients with a high level of surgical skill and artistry in a safe, comforting environment.From the initial consultation to the post-surgical follow-up, we strive to bring our patients’ expectations into reality.


Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon & Associate Director

Dr Anoop G Mohan is a renowned Board Certified Best Plastic Surgeon in Kerala, Southern India. He enjoys patronage of his clients both locally and from around the world. His straightforward personality and warm demeanor has won the hearts of patients with whom he has worked with and is evident in the testimonials across social media platforms. Dr Anoop’s dedication to artistic perfection combined with his diligent attention to detail is evident by his natural surgical results and thousands of satisfied patients. He is well known for his extraordinary work with Tummy Tucks, Liposuctions, Breast surgeries, Cosmetic Gynecology procedures and Mommy Makeovers to name a few. Aside from being a talented plastic surgeon, Dr. Anoop G Mohan is also an avid photographer, painter and a guitarist. He feels alive when he is in the ‘zone’, and Plastic Surgery according to him is where he unleashes his creative energy.His commitment to helping others is evident in his reconstructive surgeries with trauma and cancer patients. Despite having a thriving Cosmetic Surgery practice, Dr. Anoop finds time to dedicate his talents to helping those less fortunate. He is involved with Charitable organizations like Sewa and Sadhbhavan which works among the underprivileged in the most backward places in India.He is fluent in Hindi,English, Malayalam, French, Kannada and Telugu. His other areas of interest are International Geopolitics, History, Architecture and design, Hoplology, and Literature.


TLC Aesthetica

At a young age he was influenced by the famous movie ‘Patch Adams’ and started his Medical Education at the prestigious JSS Medical College Hospital, Mysore in 1997 with the intention of studying Psychiatry. He candidly admits that Plastic Surgery is basically ‘Psychiatry with a knife’. Dr.Anoop G Mohan went on to specialize in Surgery and took his Masters (MS – General Surgery) from M.S.Ramaiah Hospital Bangalore under the Doyen Dr AC Ashok in 2007, His adoration for aesthetics and zeal for creative expression led him to Professor Dr Gurumurthy, Dr Benoy Varghese and Professor Uday Shankar. He did his M.Ch (Plastic Surgery) under their Mentoring (2011). He was involved with the Karnataka Governments ‘Arogya Bhagya’ a Universal Health Insurance initiative and used to travel to Tribal Belts in the region every month to work with the poor and underprivileged.

He was Trained in Hand Surgery and Trauma Reconstruction by Dr J.Mohan at Stanley Medical College,Chennai (2012), in Onco Reconstruction and Breast Reconstruction by Dr Prabha Yadav at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai (2012),Cleft and Cranio-facial by Dr Niranjan Kumar at SDM Medical College, Darwad (2013) Hair Transplantation from Dr Sanjeev Vasa at Ahmedabad.

“Medical Education is a continuous process, and it never ends. The day You stop learning something new, that day You should stop working because if you are outdated, you stop being your best, and you should quit before that happens”

He has presented Scientific Papers at the National level, ‘PUF in wound healing’ – Apsicon 2012 and Adipose Stem Cell in Tissue Regeneration in Apsicon 2013.He is currently involved in Stem Cell Research, “Monitors and Robots cant save a patient, The future of Medicine is not in Artificial Intelligence, but in Stem Cells”

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About Tlc Aesthetica

Astique Aesthetics is a Plastic Surgery firm providing world-class quality Aesthetic Surgery Services.

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