Neck Lift
Surgical Procedure

Neck Lift, or lower hysterectomy, is a surgical procedure that is performed to improve the neckline and reduce visible signs of ageing in the jawline and neck.
Ideal candidate for Neck Lift?

Neck lift is an ideal procedure for individuals with following problems with their neck:

  • Presence of excessive fat in the lower part of the face
  • Excessive wrinkling of the neck skin ( ‘turkey wattle’)
  • Excessive fatty deposits under the chin
  • Loosened skin of neck
  • Double chin
  • Jowl lines
  • Banding of muscle in the neck
  • Neck that doesn’t match the upper facial appearance
  • Abnormal neck contours
What neck lift surgery won’t do?

Neck lift surgery is a restorative surgery that won’t change the fundamental appearance of the person. Additionally it cannot stop the ageing process. So any person who is considering a neck lift surgery should keep these in mind before deciding to go for the surgery.


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