How much does it Cost to treat Liposuction?

Excess fat addition has now become a common health condition for people across the world. There may be various reasons for this condition, especially lifestyle changes and of course lack of exercise. However, this condition can be cured by effective treatment methods under the proper treatment of health specialists.

Liposuction surgery is one such treatment procedure that is used to remove excess fat addition from one’s body.

Before discussing how much does liposuction surgery costs, let us have an idea about liposuction and why should you consider it.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is basically a surgical process that is used to remove fat from different areas of the body. This is a suction procedure that not only helps to remove excess fat but it also shapes body parts including abdomen, arms, thighs, neck and hips. This is an enhanced surgical procedure performed by experts and it is a proven method to reduce fat. However, it is not a complete weight-loss alternative.


liposuction surgery cost

It is advisable for you to consider liposuction surgery only after consulting with a surgeon as it helps you understand thoroughly about what you are going to do.

What are the different types of Liposuctions?

Since a painless surgical procedure, there is no need for prolonged hospitalization. You will get anesthetized before the procedure and it will be depended upon the extent of fat removal. Devices used for the liposuction surgery are then attached and the vacuum is turned on to suck the fat. There are basically three forms of liposuction surgery.


It is a popular liposuction type where a saline solution is injected at the fatty areas of the patient. The injection is a mix of painkiller and epinephrine which melt the fat cells leading to the shaping of those areas.

Ultrasound Liposuction

Using ultrasound technology, the fat deposits in particular areas are get melted. This is one of the common liposuction procedures used in India.

Laser-assisted Liposuction

In this procedure, laser technology is used to melt the fat deposits. Powerful laser is passed through the area where fat is excess and it melts the membranes deposited in the fat cells. Usually, it is pain free technique and you can return to normal life within a week itself.

liposuction surgery cost

Liposuction surgery cost in India

The surgery cost for liposuction in India is comparatively low when it is compared to other countries.

In western countries, liposuction surgery is expensive as it requires heavily enhanced surgical equipment which most of the people is not able to afford. Since India is a country well-known for the medical advancement, it offers promising technology for liposuction surgery too. Like said earlier, more people come forward to perform liposuction surgery and India facilitates their need.

Here we can compare the city-wise surgery cost of liposuction in India

Cities in India for
Minimum amount
Maximum amount
Liposuction Surgery Cost in Delhi Rs 86,500 Rs 3,45,000
Liposuction Surgery Cost in Mumbai Rs 60,000 Rs 3,45,000
Liposuction Surgery Cost in Bangalore Rs 75000 Rs 2,35,000
Liposuction Surgery Cost in Chennai Rs 55000 Rs 2,95000
Liposuction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad Rs 55000 Rs 2,10,000
Liposuction Surgery Cost in Ahmedabad Rs 70,500 Rs 2,95000
Liposuction Surgery Cost in Kolkata Rs 48, 750 Rs 3,00,000
Liposuction Surgery Cost in Chandigarh Rs 58, 500 Rs 2,47,500
Liposuction Surgery Cost in Jaipur Rs 82,500 Rs 2,32,500
Liposuction Surgery Cost in Pune Rs 42,750 Rs 3,45,000
Liposuction Surgery Cost in Kerala Rs 50,000 Rs 2,00,000

Factors to be considered while planning liposuction

If you are planning for liposuction surgery in India, there are various factors to be considered like the hospital in which you schedule the treatment and which surgeon you prefer to perform your liposuction surgery. Most of the cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad offer you a list of the best surgeons who skillfully perform liposuction surgery. However, the liposuction surgery cost in Kerala is comparatively affordable.

TLC Aesthetica is one fine destination that offers liposuction surgery which is not too expensive. The cost required to perform Liposuction Surgery in Kerala varies from place to place. The liposuction surgery cost in Kochi is different from the liposuction surgery cost in Kollam.

As per experts, there are more factors that play key roles in finalizing the cost of liposuction treatment. They are as follows

  • Treatment Type
  • Experience of the Surgeon
  • Hospital Status
  • Location of the hospital
  • Medical condition of the Patient

TLC Aesthetica Introduces VaserLipo – A Sensational Invention to treat Liposuction

TLC Aesthetica uses latest medical advancements to treat patients right from the beginning and to augment that legacy, we have introduced novel techniques to perform liposuction surgery. It’s our pleasure to introduce VASERlipo, the finest alternative to traditional liposuction surgery in India.


liposuction surgery cost

It is considered a milestone in liposuction treatment as it uses precise and minimal invasive technology. Since we strive hard to make liposuction treatment easier and cheaper, we commenced using an alternative method that uses minimally invasive technology.

Why Choose VASERlipo?

VASERlipo is the best technology used for liposuction surgery that removes excess fat addition from the body gently and effectively. Besides, it provides you a smooth and natural look that is enough to elate the self-confidence level in you. The ultrasound waves are used for this procedure in which the waves selectively disintegrate fatty areas while the nearby tissues are left intact.

Why should you Consider TLC Aesthetica to treat Liposuction?

Liposuction surgery is a common surgical procedure that needs to be done under the guidance of an expert surgeon.

liposuction surgery cost

We at TLC Aesthetica help our most valued clients by making the procedure minimal invasive and pain-free along with reasonable and affordable cost. Try it out with us.

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